My php dating 2.0    Features
A MyPhpDating 2.0 powered dating site means providing your end-users (members) with more modes of inter-communication , giving them more space to use different media types to express themselves and yet as an administrator you can monitor as well as control their site activities. Each and every feature of MyPhpDating has been created to strengthen a particular aspect of your online dating business.
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User-to-user Communication Features


Your members can express their interest in other members through winks-a single click tool to quickly express interest. The member to whom the wink was made will be receiving a notification regarding who sent the wink.

Friendship Invitations

Your MyPhpdating 2.0 powered website members can send an invitation to other members to be his/her friend. Invitations can be send right from the member profile or from the hotlist. Invited member would notified about the invitation and will have an option to accept or decline the invitation request.Once accepted the inviting and the invited member become a part of each others friendlists.

Member Mailbox

Every site member has a personal Mailbox in the site that will help him/her send and receive mails and messages from his/friends.The mailbox is also tied with the email id that the member provides while signing up as site mailbox email/message receiving notifications are sent to the member’s email id provided while signing up.

Member Blog

MyPhpdating 2.0 provides ample options for your site members to express their thoughts.That is why every member has his/her own blog where he can vent out his thoughts and comments.Members can view the blog postings posted by other members and rate and comment on them.

Photo Comments and Rating

Members can rate and post their comments on other members profile photos

Member Forum

This provides the perfect platform for idea exchanges between your dating site members –where they can browse through categories and topics , reply to others posts or start a new topic of their own. As an administrator you can control the forum categories and topics and also monitor the forum posts.


Your dating site members can browse through the different chat rooms that feature different interest areas and topics – select a suitable chat room and join the live discussion there. The chat message sending also has emoticons (smileys) that help the member emote more powerfully. As an administrator you can create the topic based chat rooms and monitor them.

Insta Messaging

MyPhpdating 2.0 is a dating and matchmaking software that gives your dating site members more and more flexibility and ways to communicate – and Insta Messaging is one of them. While browsing through the site profiles , he/she can clearly see if the member is currently online or offline. He/she can send insta Messages to any other online member. The receiver member is notified instantly and if he/she reciprocates a 1-to-1 ,private , 2-way ,live communication channel initiates between them.

Block List
More modes of communication does not mean promoting unwilling communication – members’ privacy and free will must be respected - that is why this php based online dating software – MyPhpDating 2.0 empowers your dating site members with Block /Ignore Lists . Your members can choose with whom to communicate or not, and he/she can block another member from communicating with him/her. Once a member block a user , the blocked member cannot communicate via any communication channel provided by MyPhpDating 2.0 for inter-member communication with the blocking member.