My php dating 2.0    Features
A MyPhpDating 2.0 powered dating site means providing your end-users (members) with more modes of inter-communication , giving them more space to use different media types to express themselves and yet as an administrator you can monitor as well as control their site activities. Each and every feature of MyPhpDating has been created to strengthen a particular aspect of your online dating business.
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User Account Features

Multiple membership schemes to choose from

Since your dating site users prefer a site that provides them with maximum flexibility at every step of membership usage – MyPhpDating helps you to achieve that easily. With easily customizable multiple membership levels whose activities ,validity and fees can be set the site administrator –you can provide you users with membership schemes that range from FREE limited activity memberships to full activity paid memberships –you can set the membership scheme validity duration, activity limitations and fees. That helps your dating site to gain more. and more happy customers as they can select he suitable one from multiple membership scheme that your site provides according to their needs and budget.

Multiple Add-on activity Packs to choose from

with a lot of flexibility – MyPhpDating 2.0 goes one step forward to provide you with the power of creating add-on activity packs for them. The activity packs can be built by combining one or more member activities and can be offered for a particular validity duration and price. These add-on activity packs can be purchased by your members to enhance their activity limits according to their interests with out paying too much. These add-on activity packs can be purchased by your site members anytime within their active membership periods – and in turn provides the members with a higher flexibility in enhancing their activity capabilities –thus giving your higher member satisfaction.

Custom Profile Fields

As an online dating and matchmaking provider , we understand your unique ideas are different from the others. That is why MyPhpdating 2.0 comes with the most commonly available profile fields like age, sex,location etc. –but at the same time gives the site administrator the power to add custom profile fields at his will –so that his unique idea reflects in his site members’ profile and gives him and in turn his members the flexibility to express more information about them. Not only the administrator can add new profile fields-but he can also set the member interface control type (e.g. text fields,multiline text,drop downs,yes/No options etc.) so that filling them up becomes easier for the members.

Member Picture galleries

Whether they want to show how they look , whether to share the important happenings of their lives ,or simply to showcase their talent in photography or art – pictures provide the perfect media for expressing them. That is why MyPhpdating 2.0 allows your site members to upload pictures and arrange them in galleries. As an administrator you can set the maximum number that they can upload by setting them in the membership schemes and add-on activity packs.

Private Galleries

We understand , some things are too personal to be shared with anyone and everyone – that is why we have introduced the concept of Private Galleries in MyPhpdating 2.0 - the most powerful online dating and matchmaking software. This feature provides your members with their desired privacy as well as the flexibility to share it with selected members. The members can create a private gallery and protect it by a password and only gallery viewing requests from other members which he/she receives and accepts are allowed to view the contents of the gallery.

Member Audio Tracks

Sound –added to sight makes the perfect combination. That is why yur MyPhpdating 2.0 powered website users can also upload audio tracks. As an administrator you can set the maximum number that they can upload by setting them in the membership schemes and add-on activity packs.

Member Video

Videos add an edge to a member’s profile – and with MyPhpdating 2.0 you can provide your members with the edge. MyPhpdating allows your site members to add videos to enhance their profiles. As an administrator you can set the maximum number that they can upload by setting them in the membership schemes and add-on activity packs.

Member Friendlist

Dating sites are all about making more acquaintances – as that is the basis of people coming to dating and matchmaking sites. MyPhpdating 2.0 allows your site members to maintain a list of his /her friends on this site. The process is via an friendship invitation sent from one member to another and when the invitation receiver member accepts the sender’s invitation they get added up in each others friend lists.

Member Hotlist

Give your dating site’s members some more flexibility – if he/she has liked another member profile but does not want to communicate right then. MyPhpdating 2.0 allows such liked profiles to be assembled into a Hotlist. Every other member hot listed my a member will appear as a list everytime he/she logins in to the account area – and he/she can choose to communicate with the hot listed person at his/her preferred time