Customer  Support
  Free support

I have a technical query or feature based enquiry about the software before purchasing My Php Dating 2.0


I want to avail the free script installation offer and /or I have a technical query regarding my My Php Dating 2.0 powered site.
We provide absolutely FREE support  to help you decide about purchasing My Php Dating 2.0 and setting up you’re my Php Dating 2.0 powered online dating/matchmaking site. You can avail this option if you are :

1. A prospective customer who has some technical or feature related enquires before deciding to purchase the software.

2. An existing customer who wants to avail your FREE  script setup option or needs some help regarding understanding feature utility
[ NOTE : After sales FREE support can only be availed for bug fixing , Installation and help regarding feature understanding ]
  Premium support

I am an existing My Php Dating 2.0 customer and I am facing some problem because I have modified the script myself


I am an existing customer and want you to design a new design template or develop new custom priced add-on functionalities for my dating site
We provide premium support at hourly rates for  solving system problems due to script editing by third party/customer and developing custom add-on functionality modules / site design . The premium support rate slabs are :

Duration Cost  [USD] Eff Rate/Hour
1 hour $ 15.00 $ 15.00
2 hours $ 25.00 $ 12.50
3 hours $ 35.00 $ 11.67
1 day (8 hrs.) $ 80.00 $ 10.00
10 + days $ 70.00 /day $  8.75
Jobs with support time requirement less than the minimum time slab (1 hour) will be treated as a minimum time slab job and billed for the minimum time slab.