My php dating 2.0    Features
A MyPhpDating 2.0 powered dating site means providing your end-users (members) with more modes of inter-communication , giving them more space to use different media types to express themselves and yet as an administrator you can monitor as well as control their site activities. Each and every feature of MyPhpDating has been created to strengthen a particular aspect of your online dating business.
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Search Features

Quick search

Every member comes to your site to find more people and win more friends.Some of them would be very keen and impatient to find them out. For your impatient site members MyPhpDating provides a quick search tool that can be attached to each and every page of the dating site –so that members can be searched quickly and easily. Own gender,preference gender, Age range,keywords , online status and with.without profile photos form the basis of this quick search tool.

Advanced Search

For the precise searcher members, your MyPhpdating 2.0 powered online dating software solution will provide an Advanced or more detailed search with more options other than the basic options in the quick search like ethinicity,Body Type, Income etc. that will help them to narrow down the search results to only those members who satisfy all the selected criteria.

Periodic Finder

Some dating site members may think-why do we need to search everytime ? To them MyPhpdating 2.0 says…NO! you don’t need to. MyPhpDating 2.0 comes with a periodic finder tool using which a site member can set a particular member search criteria , save it and set the reporting interval –after which he/she wants to receive the results. The periodic Finder tool matches his/her specific criteria with other members , and lists periodically the matched member list at the interval set by the member which is emailed to him/her by the site administrator. This feature eases out setting criteria while searching everytime on the part of the user.