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  what makes My Php Dating 2.0 STAND OUT ?
2 minutes installation
Easy  site configuration
Hassle free site adminsitration
Highly customizable
Easy look and feel change
Feature Rich Dating software
Highly affordable
Lifelong Free Updates
Great end – user experience
Prompt support
And more.....
Why choose My Php Dating to power your online dating software?

While choosing the right online dating and matchmaking software to power up your dating website , the following considerations must have crossed your mind :
1) How cumbersome is the installation process ? can I do it myself ? Or do I need to pay the software provider for setting it up?
Installing My Php Dating 2.0 is a 2 minute process . All you need to do is upload the contents of the entire software that is handed over after a successful purchase to your web content area provided to you by your web host. Follow the instructions in the installation help manual comes with every purchase of My Php Dating which will guide you to install the script in a few simple steps . In case you do not want to do it yourself –just send us your hosting details and we will set it up for you FREE OF ANY CHARGE !

2) How difficult is the process of changing the look and feel of the dating site ? Do I have the options of choosing an unique ready to use site - design ? If I already have a design ,will I be able to incorporate it as the site’s design keeping the functionality intact ? Can the software provider help me in that process?

Changing the look and Feel of a My Php dating powered site is fairly simple. Take a look at our demo – and you can see that the same software fits into different visual designs keeping the functionality intact. While  ordering your copy of My Php Dating 2.0 you get a choice of  visual design for your site to choose from our huge repository of pre-integrated Templates. You can also  get an unique template with your installation for a nominal added cost . If you already have a visual design for the site ,integrating it is easy as our powerful online dating and matchmaking software- My Php Dating 2.0 uses a unique and easily customizable template system. The documentation manual that you get with every purchase will help you in the process. Added help can also be obtained from the Knowledgebase and the My Php dating community forum. In case you want us to integrate your layout with your installation – just send us the .psd file of your design , we will do it for you at an highly affordable cost.

3) Does the software allow me to set up different classes of membership? Can I control the activities allowed at each membership level ? Can I create additional member profile fields as and when I need them? Does it provide me with an option to create feature packs that my site members can buy for a cost irrespective of their membership class to activate certain added activity features?

With My Php Dating you can definitely do these as a site owner/administartor. It provides you with the provision for creating unlimited membership schemes where you can set the scheme duration (after which it has to be renewed) ,cost and the available activity features. You can also create feature packs and set the price and the activities possible with that pack.
Creation of on additional member profile fields is also possible in My Php Dating

4) Proper communication is the key for my site members. Does the software provide enough modes of inter-member communication ?

When you power your online dating and matchmaking site with My Php Dating you also maximize the the channels of communication between your site members. Members can express interests for others through winks, friend requests and chat requests. They can also communicate via an internal mailing system. The members express their views via forum posts,blog posts and even photo comments.Audio/Video Chat is also possible between the members though the add-on Userplane module (Please check the Add-ons section for other such power-packed add-ons). Along with maximizing communication modes , My Php Dating 2.0 also focuses on privacy. Each member can Block unwanted members and have password protected photo galleries for more privacy.

5) My members will need to be notified frequently – does the software allow me to have control on the content of the activity notification emails that are send to my site members? Can my members set up a match making criteria in their account area and save their preferences – and receive periodic notifications about other members that match that criteria?

My Php Dating – our ultimate online dating software allows you to easily do that. An email content manager in the Administration panel does the trick . Every member activity has an email notification attached to it – and its subject line and content can be controlled by the administrator. My Php Dating also allows the end user to set up a member search criteria based on several aspects like gender , age range etc. and save it and receive periodic email notification with lists of members that match the criteria. Most matchmaking sites allow the site administrator to set up match making criterions and show matches based on that – a process which makes the site members feel that their individuality is being hampered – as match aking criterions vary from person to person.

6) Advertisements on my site can be another way of earning revenue from the site. Does the dating software allow me to control the advertisements on my site?

My Php Dating 2.0 is built with an aim to maximize your dating site revenues. The easy to use advertisement Manger enables you to control the advertisements at will . The system also helps you by providing you standard web ad banner dimensions .

7) Apart from the sections and pages provided by the software , does it allow me to add new additional pages and menus?

Keeping the need for easy customization ability, and the need for a feature-rich yet easy to manage dating software solution in mind – My Php Dating was created. As a site administrator you can add additional pages and menu items right from the site Administration panel so that you can have custom content according to your needs.

8) Does this dating software allow multiple languages ?

My Php Dating 2.0 has multi-language support which can be easily managed from the Languages section of the Administration panel – where content of the sections on every page can be controlled through lingual parameter editing.

9) Even if the software satisfies all my previous queries regarding the expectations from a good online dating software – Does it pinch the pocket when it coes to buying it ? Is it real value for money?

My Php Dating 2.0 is currently being offered at a special price of $ only !! But that’s not all , purchasing your copy of My Php Dating is an one time investment only – no yearly license renewals , no encrypted source code , free setup plus lifelong free information on upgrades ,updates and integration tips . A feature-packed dating and matchmaking software , at an affordable price , with host of cost-effective value-add-on options to choose from – really makes My Php Dating the ultimate choice for power your online dating and matchmaking site - a solution that provides you with real value for your money.