My Php Dating 2.0  Knowledgebase
My Php Dating 2.0 is a highly customizable , feature rich , easy-to-use , multilingual online dating software . Built with Php at the core and supported by HTML,javascript ,Ajax for front-end presentation and MySql database server to provide a solid data backend storage. As Php /MySql combination is best deployed on Apache web server installed in a Linux based system –My Php Dating 2.0 performs the best in The L.A.M.P environment although Apache installations on Windows based systems (W.A.M.P environment) can also be used to deploy My Php Dating 2.0.
System Requirement

The system requirements for setting up My Php Dating 2.0 are :
  1. PHP 4.3.0 or higher
  2. MySql Database server 4.0 and above
  3. Unix /Linux/Windows Web Server Hosting
  4. Apache 1.3 Web Server or above
  5. Around 10 mb or higher storage space
The reasons for keeping the system requirements minimal is making it suitable to be installed on almost all commonly available web hosting options.


Setting up My Php Dating 2.0 is a simple and hassle-free process. After purchasing your copy of the script,upload the contents to your hosting directory and follow the simple steps mentioned in the Installation manual that you get with the script. Easily installed in a few minutes ,its easier to set up My Php Dating 2.0  than most of the  other available dating softwares . Also if  customers do not want to set it up on their own, they can take the advantage of the FREE INSTALLATION support  benefit where we set it up for them.


My Php Dating 2.0 configurations can be controlled right from the administrator Control panel that helps changing complex site configurations with just a few clicks making it highly controllable and configurable. Even the look and feel (template) and language can be controlled and set up from the admin control panel. This is only possible because My Php dating has a robust internal architecture that keeps ample space for customizations yet keeps the system design solid and highly structured.

Architecture snippet : Site Design Template Change

My Php Dating 2.0 system architecture snippet

If you take a look at the above block diagram for the Site Template change architecture ,you will find that the human entities involved (Admin and the User) have the minimum activity involved in the entire look-and –feel changing process –and that is what My Php Dating 2.0 architecture is all about – to develop a robust and hardworking system that minimizes human entity labor involved in configuring the system and yet functions flawlessly making it highly efficient and amazingly easy to maintain. The above diagram also shows how easily expandable the system is. To add a entirely new look and feel to the site all you need to do is add the new template resources in the Template resources area and you get a custom designed look and feel.

More system information, Installation manuals and Administration guides are available on purchase of My Php Dating 2.0 .To order you copy now – click here to go to the order system. If you have technical queries or feature relate queries –click here to contact My Php Dating support.