My php dating 2.0    Features
A MyPhpDating 2.0 powered dating site means providing your end-users (members) with more modes of inter-communication , giving them more space to use different media types to express themselves and yet as an administrator you can monitor as well as control their site activities. Each and every feature of MyPhpDating has been created to strengthen a particular aspect of your online dating business.
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Site Administration Features

Membership schemes management

As an administrator of the powerful Php based online dating software - MyPhpDating 2.0 , you can control the different membership schemes under which your dating site members will register.The administrator can add, edit and delete membership schemes according to the need and set validity duration , membership fees and the activity features associated with a particular membership level.

Add-on Activity Packs management

MyPhpdating 2.0 is built to provide more flexibility and options to your dating site members.That is why apart from setting up membership schemes , the administrator can also set up add-on activity based , usage limited activity packs for a package fee. Apart from availing the activity features of his/her membership scheme-the members can purchase these activity based add-ons to do more member activities without membership scheme upgrades according to their activity interests. As an admin you can add/modify and delete these add-on activity packs.

Profile fields management

MyPhpdating 2.0- the ultimate online dating and matchmaking software not only allows more options to your dating site members but allows you with more customized dating site setup options too. That is why it provides the administrator with a profile fields management system-where you can add custom profile fields with different types of end user interfaces - that will appear to your site members as input areas to fill up when they create their online dating profiles on your site. This customization option allows you to set the profile fields according to the particular target user group or theme of your dating site.

Language management

Your online dating business will prosper only with more and more global visitors in your site.To make them all feel at home ,MyPhpDating 2.0 uses an amazingly easy-to-use language management system to provide your members with different language versions of the site. By using easily configurable language files managing multiple languages on your site becomes very easy.

Site configuration Management

This powerful online dating software allows the administrator tremendous customizability and site configurations management is one of the tools that allows you to do so. This configuration tool allows you to specify the image dimensions, maximum upload sizes , allowed uploadable file extensions and many other useful parameters that you can configure anytime to enhance the performance of your dating site.

Custom pages management

If your dating software provider has given you a script that cannot be enhanced by adding newer custom pages according to your needs, its time for you to switch to MyPhpDating2.0. We understand that specific needs may arise when the site owner will need to add more pages to his dating site and he may now have a very good Knowledge of the development technology or even HTML. Our custom pages creator allows you to create custom pages on-the-fly without the need of knowing even HTML as we have visual editors that will help you easily do it.

Payment method paramters management

MyPHpDating 2.0 comes with Paypal and Manual Bank A/C Transfer setup as the default Payment collection methods.If you wish to modify the payment parameters , you can do it right from the admin panel. For additional Payment Method integrations -check the Add-ons section.

Ad Banner management

Advertisements now are another way of revenue generation on the web. Keeping that in mind , MyPhpDating 2.0 comes with an effective ad banner management system where you can control the ad banners on your dating site.You can add text banners as well as Image banners of different sizes and modify them at will.

Template management

Our unique templating system enables a MyPhpDating 2.0 powered site administrator to change the look and feel of the site easily -that too from the administration panel.If you have multiple My Php Dating 2.0 templates in your site ,you can switch between them easily.

Bad-words management

MyPhpDating 2.0 provides you with an option of specifying the words you think are abusive in the bad words list in the administration panel.Your site members will not be able to use those words in any data they post in the site.

Member management

MyPhpdating 2.0 can boast of a robust member management system.From tracking incomplete registrations , reminder sending to inactive users , member approval setting and many more help you to track your users and activities with a lot of ease as an administrator.The system also provide vital statistics on the number of members,active member and blocked member count,non-verified member count etc. to give a quick overview of site members.The system also allows the admin to check the user profile content,images,audios and videos so that any objectionable content found can be removed by the administrator.You need not worry if the site has a huge member following-an easy to use member search facility helps you locate a member easily among them.The management system also allows the administrator to communicate with a particular member.

Member Notification management

The robust member notification system in MyPhpdating enables the site administrator to set up notification email templates , send expiry notifications and periodic search reports without hassle.The complete administrative control over user notification is what this online dating software provides making the most difficult bit of dating site management amazingly easy.

Forum management

The forum management tool allows the administrator to set up forum discussion categories and topics under which the site members can post.The administrator can also view the posted articles under each category and topic along with their replies posted -and can delete any objectionable post or reply right from the admin panel.The forum management system also provides important statistics regarding the posts and topics giving him the forum usage overview.

Chatroom management

The administrator can set up new chat rooms for different interest groups under which the site members can login and chat their hearts out with like-minded members. He can also set chat room icons , modify or delete an existing chat room.

Success Story Management

Sucess Stories are the real testimonials of a dating site. MyPhpDating 2.0 helps the administrator to spread the good news among members through this section.The administrator can add a sucess story along with images to the site through this section .

Site News Management

The Site news section keeps your dating site members updated about what is happening in and around the site.Using this section the site administrator can add the latest news to the site as well as modify or delete old and existing news items.