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Get more from  MyPhpDating 2.0
You can get the maximum out of your MyPhpDating powered online dating site by adding to it our power packed and cost-effective add-on modules. The best part about addon options is that you can get the add-ons tailor-made to suit your needs . So instead of just having fixed price addons like most other dating softwares –MyPhpDating 2.0 also provides you with customizable add-on options to suit your specific requirements and budget..
Fixed Price Add-on Option

White label version (copyright removal ) [Additional $ only!]

The base version of MyPhpdating 2.0 falls under our copyright retention policy where you have to indicate that this site is powered by MyPhpDating 2.0 online dating software. For customers who want to use their own copyright – the white label version is the ideal one for them .You can use your own company name in the site copyright info -bypassing the powered by MyPhpdating 2.0 indicator. This option is available for an affordable additional cost of $99 only for a single domain whitelabel version license. To know more about whitelabeling license fees for multiple domains together get in touch with us.

Unique site design Template [Additional $ only]

When you order your copy of MyPhpDating 2.0 , you can choose one of the numerous site templates from our huge template repository .These templates are standard MyPhpDating 2.0 templates that can be used by different customers on different sites . If you want your template to be locked only for your site (so that no other customer can choose it for their site) – the best option is to go for the Unique Template add-on option. At an incredibly affordable price of an additional $69.00 only – the template that you select for your site while ordering will not show up in our template repository and no one else can buy it again.

You can choose these fixed price add-on options while ordering your copy of MyPhpDating 2.0 .Click here to order your copy now. .

Custom Price Add-on Options
Custom Template design & Integration

Apart from the available standard templates and unique templates as a dating site owner,you may decide to give your site an added edge with a fresh look and feel created and branded just for you. Just send us your design specifications and our visual designers will create just the right one for you at an affordable price. The idea and color themes are yours and we translate it into a visually pleasing look for your dating site.

Custom Template integration

You may have designed your own site look and feel and you want us to incorporate that as the site layout. Just send us the photoshop (.psd) version of your design and a copy of your logo and we will get it ready to be used as your dating site design template and integrate it to your installation at a low cost.

Audio/Video Chat (userplane Integration)

MyPhpDating 2.0 base installation comes with text based chat rooms and insta messenger. To add the zing of audio and video chat just get in touch with us. We will integrate your site with Userplane WebChat – an A/V chat option where you do need to take the hassles of having a streaming media server of your own. Userplane Webcam comes with a free as well as number of ad free paid subscription options. For more details of userplane subscription options and rates check . If you want us to power your dating site with this add-on audio /video chat module ,just send us the details of your userplane subscription and we will integrate it for you at an affordable cost.

Added Payment Gateway Integration

MyPhpDating is pre-integrated with paypal and allows you to add more payment methods right from the admin. If you want us to help you integrate your dating dating site with a specific payment Gateway provider – let us help you shoulder the responsibility at a low cost.

Link Manager

SEO and link building are the buzzwords to get noticed on web . As more and more people know about your dating and matchmaking site , the more members you gain. This add-on module helps you build your own reciprocal link directory where you can gain more site links through link exchange. Link Manager also comes with an easily manageable admin control panel that enables you add link categories and subcategories set minimum PR (Page Rank) levels for incoming links, setup your own link content .The system also automatically runs unattended periodic checks to remove dead and inactive links. Added to it is the fact that Link Manager can be customized to match your site’s look and feel.

Custom functionality development

Every dating business is built on a unique business goal –and we understand that you may want to add special custom features to your dating site apart from the feature-rich core dating and matchmaking facilities provided to you by MyPhpDating – and we are there to help you out . Just let us know your needs and the custom functionalities developed just for your site at a highly affordable cost. Whatever your need may be – we are confident to deliver it within your stipulated budget.

For more detailed information on the custom price add-on options get in touch with us. Click here to know more about the ways to get in touch with us.